Our jukebox is an automated music-playing device that can play specially selected songs from self-contained media. This page provides a list of songs in categories which can be downloaded and sung along with the jukebox as it plays them. The songs have in common a connection with a particular popular musician or group. Click on a category to download a list of songs in PDF format.

Customers may hire our jukebox for a day or a whole weekend for only AU$240.00

Song Category Song Category Song Category Song Category
1950’s Heavy Rock Retro 70-80’s Party Karaoke-50’s
1960’s Reggae Rock & Roll Music Karaoke-60’s
1970’s Rap/Techno/Funk Instant Party Music Karaoke-70-80’s
1980’s Line Dance Fun/Comedy Karaoke-90’s
1990’s Country & Western Special Occasions Karaoke-2000’s
2000’s Quiet Easy Listening Sing-a-long Karaoke-Country & Western
Alternative Party Listening New & Recent Karaoke-New
Beach Party Good Party Listening Wedding Music All Categories
Now Dance Party Karaoke-Love

New Songs